Lollipop lady Betty is ‘Queen of the Roads’

jpco-24-7-13 Betty Martin has been the lollipop lady at West Green for 40 years (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-24-7-13 Betty Martin has been the lollipop lady at West Green for 40 years (Pic by Jon Rigby)

A lollipop lady who has helped children cross the road for 40 years has been crowned the Queen of the Roads.

Betty Martin, 83, has been keeping the road safe for children at West Green Primary School for so long that many of the parents - and a couple of grand parents- remember being crossed by her when they were pupils at the school.

Teachers and children celebrated her 40 year anniversary during a special assembly on Monday (July 22)by presenting her with her own throne and crown .

Pupils presented Betty with a trophy, flowers, cakes, and a book of memories.

Betty explained she began the job when her children - who are now in their 50s - attended the school.

She said: “It was an ideal job and I’ve just continued on and on. Once you get to know the children you don’t want to leave them. They make your day.”

Betty has got up at 6.30am every morning and only took a couple of sick days when she was in hospital for an operation.

She said her job has become harder as she has seen the school expand to around double the size and the roads have become busier with faster drivers.

Betty’s husband Ken assigned himself the role of ‘Master of the Cones and body guard’ about four years ago when he decided he wanted to make sure no one beeped their horn at her.

He joked: “I’m Master of the Cones at the gate. ”

Ken and Betty will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary next year.

Ken said he was very proud of Betty and expected she would continue ‘until she was walking with a zimmer frame’.

On the 25th anniversary of Betty’s career with the school the pupils gave Betty a coronation and revealed to her a mural they painted on the playground which is still there today.

Ms Suzie Jeffries, headteacher, said Betty was loved by all the pupils.

She said: “Many of our parents used to be crossed with Betty when they were pupils, There are even a couple of families who are now on the third generation of children crossing with Betty!

“Betty loves helping others and is so friendly to all who pass her.”