Listen to the buzz about beekeeping - Submitted by Central Sussex Beekeepers Association

dixon french spring bee
dixon french spring bee

You may have noticed honey bees and bumble bees collecting nectar and pollen. As soon as the temperature rises they are out with determination to provide for their colony.

Feedback from our Central Sussex Beekeepers Association members suggest that honey bees have survived the winter well and are building up swiftly to coincide with the build-up of available nectar and pollen.

The bees have to be ahead of the game by making sure there is a good foraging force of 3-6 week old workers. The first three weeks of their adult life is work inside the hive, cleaning, feeding larvae and the queen, producing wax, processing nectar into honey for storage, heating/cooling the brood nest, guard duties, it’s a busy bee’s life!

If you would like to learn more about the honey bee why not come on our two day introduction to beekeeping course on April 11 and 25.

Also we are launching our new sponsorship scheme this year. If you would like to help honey bees but could not keep them you could sponsor a hive at our training apiary.

You would be able to come and join in an inspection of the hive at our Pease Pottage apiary, receive a DVD produced by one of our members, be sent updates of your hive through the season and finally you will get a jar of honey!

Funds from the sponsorship scheme will help us provide bees for our new members and also raise queens for our members, helping us (in the UK) to be self-sufficient and avoid bees being imported into this country.

For the two day course or the sponsorship scheme please contact Melvyn Essen. Email 07811070294.