Lisa’s online photo journal

Littlehampton resident, Lisa Stevens, celebrates the daily challenge of taking 365 pictures on life sharing social media platform

Lisa, first heard about Blipfoto through a friend who had attached the Blipfoto App to their Twitter account.

Lisa said: “Initially I wondered what on earth I’d have to take a daily photograph of, but as my son (who was less than a year old at the time) started developing and reaching milestones that I wanted to capture, it made me realise that even if I didn’t take photos of anything else, I could use his milestones as my subject.”

“I also hoped it would improve my photography skills so the photos I did take of him would be much better than my experiences in the past of out-of-focus shots with no real meaning!”

“Initially it was the Blipfoto ‘bug’ that inspired me, the novelty of having not just my own online journal but a photographic one at that, and not wanting to have any gap in my journal once I’d begun! Then, it was because I saw my photography skills improving and others telling me so which made me want to continue.”

“Before I started blipping most of my shots would be very poor indeed, and one of the reasons I joined was to hopefully change this! Now I even have people ask me if I can do shoots for them!”

“I’ve found that not only do I naturally see pictures, but I notice things I would never have seen before. I can also look at things as an entire picture and in their separate entities, too. I’m pleased, because it’s made me take far more notice of the world around me and I love how much more detail I can see in everything.”

“Blip has been a fantastic learning experience and challenge for me. It’s given me the opportunity to begin blogging again in a way that suits my lifestyle better right now, and document the life of my 2 year old son along the way. I’ve developed my photography skills quite considerably so I can now take reasonable shots, which is something I never thought I’d have the ability to do given I was never able to properly use the most basic of digital cameras, let alone a digital SLR! It’s been tough sometimes, whether that’s because I’ve got so many photos for one day that I’m not sure which one to choose, or because I’ve had moments where I’ve struggled for inspiration, but I’ve fulfilled my challenge of taking 365 photos - even if I do have a few gaps in my journal here and there - and it feels good! Not only that, but I’ve seen amazing journals from some incredible people originating all over the world, and the community spirit has remained encouraging throughout.”

Blipfoto invites anyone to join a community of thousands who document and share their daily lives with others around the globe. Started in 2004 as the personal online photo journal of Edinburgh photographer and designer Joe Tree, has grown steadily – through word of mouth alone – into a worldwide phenomenon that connects people from all walks of life.

The simple and addictive concept is based on uploading just one new photo - taken that very day - to your journal. Some people do this every day and others as often as they can. Contributors are now spread across 160 countries, and the website receives more than 13 million page views per month from 160,000 visitors.

Says Joe Tree, founder and CEO, Blipfoto, “Blipfoto is social media for people that don’t know they’re engaging in social media. It’s a unique community where people share their lives through pictures and words with online friends from all over the world.”

Blippers include photography enthusiasts, students, young mums, retirees, sea captains, chefs, foodies, birders, journal keepers, singers, authors, media correspondents, charity workers, politicians and creatives.