Lindfield homes fears develop

wates homes petiition
wates homes petiition

Campaigners against more housing in the Mid Sussex countryside are urging people to make their voices heard at a public meeting tomorrow (Thursday).

They showed their feelings with a demonstration in Gravelye Lane, Lindfield, on Sunday, near the greenfield site being proposed for 230 homes on the edge of Lindfield and in the gap between neighbouring Scaynes Hill and Walstead.

The “Say NO To Wates 230 New Homes” campaign fears the plan by Wates Developments could open the flood gates to up to twice as many new homes on the surrounding land.

Neighbour John Ely said: “The aerial view (on Wates’ website) amply shows the rural landscape that they intend to cover with concrete and housing. This is an appalling assault on the countryside and detrimental to the rural character of Lindfield.”

Mr Ely said the 230 homes application was “the tin edge of the wedge” and, if successful could be followed by further applications.

He said: “The trouble is people don’t realise until it is too late. I think it is an absolute travesty. It is destroying the countryside; if it is allowed then the approach to Lindfield from the east will be the view of a housing estate on the brow of the hill. The rural character of Lindfield will be gone forever, which will be extremely sad.”

People have until February 8 to write to the district council with views on the proposal, which is numbered 12/04316/FUL.

Lindfield Rural Parish Council has called a public meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at the King Edward Hall, Lindfield, at 8pm to listen to people’s views.

Last week Lindfield Preservation Society claimed that, combined with new housing in Newton Rd and Lyoth Lane, the Wates scheme would increase Lindfield’s population by 20 per cent, puts 600 more cars on the roads and was “grossly disproportionate” to the village and its infrastructure.

Wates says the homes are much needed. On its website it says: “We are working closely with the District to bring

the site forward and early work has included comprehensive studies of the site; An extensive engagement strategy will be undertaken to assess local needs in order to inform our future proposals.”

People can write to MSDC or email: Or email no-to-230-new-homes@live.