Let’s FACE It! every torrential rain cloud has a silver lining

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For every negative there’s usually a positive.

The benefit of all the wet weather of recent days was that it made the ground perfect for planting a new hedgerow at the latest Let’s FACE it! project.

Residents of Holmbury Close in Southgate spent a morning planting an assortment of blackthorn, buckthorn, hawthorn, hazel, beech and dogwood “whips” (small trees approximately 18 inches high) to make a new native hedgerow at the top of their road.

The whips are protected by tree guards and supported by bamboo canes until they grow a bit bigger.

Additional protection has been given by way of chestnut fencing to ensure that the new hedgerow has a chance to get established.

Lots of tea and coffee, together with cakes and biscuits, made this a very enjoyable morning’s work even though the weather was less than kind and the biscuits got a bit soggy!

Thank you to Dave and Will from the council for their ‘muscle’ in installing the chestnut fencing – and particularly to Dave for disposing of a dead mouse from a resident’s greenhouse!

Another side to Let’s FACE it! is the coordination of the Snow Force – a volunteer network spread across Crawley to provide support in snowy weather. In the event of significant snow fall, West Sussex County Council will grit and plough all main roads.

Crawley Borough Council will assist the county council by clearing snow and spreading grit at priority locations.

However it is impossible for everywhere to be cleared no matter how hard they try, and this is where the Snow Force comes in.

The Snow Force is a network of volunteers equipped with a snow clearing kit supplied by the council containing items such as a push-along salt spreader, broom, and shovel.

The equipment can be borrowed by anyone to clear snow from the pavements and pathways of their local neighbourhood. There are currently more than 70 volunteers throughout Crawley with 30 sets of snow clearing equipment at various locations.

Call for Snow Force volunteers

Crawley Borough Council is looking for more Snow Force volunteers – particularly in West Green, Tilgate, Northgate, Southgate. Langley Green, and Gossops Green. If you can spare some time to help others or help organise other volunteers in your neighbourhood when it snows, contact Let’s FACE it! on 01293 438926 or email ruth.growney@crawley.gov.uk