Last chance to see original Tremeloes guitarist

Tremeloes fans have got one last chance to see original lead guitarist Rick Westwood performing live before he retires at the end of this year’s tour.

Rick is currently on the road with The Sensational 60s Experience starring The Tremeloes, Herman’s Hermits, The Union Gap UK and The Ivy League.

The tour takes in Guildford’s G Live on Thursday, November 1 (0844 7701 797).

Nicknamed Gadget Man, Rick has been playing the guitar since the age of nine. His dad made Rick’s first guitar from a piece of wood, piece of string and a biscuit tin.

Rick joined The Tremeloes in 1962. He has been classed as one of the world’s best guitarists by Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page.

The night will offer hits including The Tremeloes’ Silence is Golden, Twist and Shout, Here comes my Baby and Do you Love Me; Hermans Hermits’ I’m Into Something Good, Something Is Happening, No Milk Today, I’m Henry The 8th and Silhouettes; and The Union Gap UK’s Young Girl, Lady Willpower, Woman Woman and Over You. The Ivy League’s hits include Funny How Love Can Be, Tossing & Turning and That’s Why I’m Crying.

The Tremeloes were the first British 60s band to have hits in South America. In 1961 Decca records auditioned two bands - The Tremeloes and The Beatles – with the prize of a three-year contract. It was Tremeloes who got it.

Herman’s Hermits enjoyed similar success. From 1964 the band chalked up 23 top 20 singles, ten hit albums and three major movies. To date, they have sold 75,000,000 records worldwide.

The Union Gap gained worldwide recognition when their first combined release Young Girl hit the number one spot in the UK and number two in the USA. Next came Lady Willpower which reached number five in the UK and again number two in the USA. Their next release Woman Woman also proved a top-ten hit either side of the Atlantic.