Land swap deal for Fishersgate

S34771H13 The new Fishersgate Centre
S34771H13 The new Fishersgate Centre

A LAND swap is proposed between Fishersgate Community Association and Adur District Council.

Negotiations have been ongoing for 14 years in connection with a new lease and the land swap is one of the final pieces in the puzzle.

The deal would see the fence removed and land to the east of the centre becoming open space. Land to the west would then be enclosed for a community garden at the centre.

James Appleton, head of planning and regeneration, assured the joint strategic committee that the land given to the association would be the same area as the land returned to the council.

Following the committee’s approval, the land swap will now be advertised and, subject to any representations following the consultation, the council will then complete the lease negotiations.

Mr Appleton said: “The fence will attach itself at some point to the corner of the building. The new play area will be adjacent to the base of the dome. There will be some low fencing, which is normal around play areas.”

Councillors at the meeting were pleased to see the proposals. as they would deliver a major improvement for people living in Fishersgate.

Councillor Jim Funnell said: “I would just like to say I admire the head of planning’s staying power. I would also like to say when this first started in the year 2000, I was a young man. It’s been going on for some time and at last we are getting nearer to the closure of it.”