Knit bomb campaign to cover Steyning for festival

Taking knitting to the streets
Taking knitting to the streets

CREATIVE knitters are being asked to cover Steyning in colourful wool for the Steyning Festival.

The Steyning Knit Bomb is a campaign to take knitting to the streets, with covers made for lampposts, railings, trees and anywhere else suitable.

Hayley Cookson said: “The most original knit bomb will receive a prize, so be creative.”

She explained a knit bomb, also known as yarn bombing, yarn storming and guerrilla knitting, was a type of street art using colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn, rather than paint.

Knit bombing can happen anywhere from lampposts to bicycles, trees to statues, and it generally appears with a warm-hearted message, to make people smile.

The festival team has been given council permission to go ahead, so people are welcome to choose any public area in Steyning.

The advice is to choose something easy, like a single bar of railings, before moving on to a larger, more challenging, project.

Make the knit bomb tight, so if the rail is 18cm, then make the knitting 16cm and stretch it.

To attaching the knit bomb, some people us stitching, others use cable ties. Either works, or a combination of both, although a cable tie at the top and bottom is advised for added security.

Hayley said: “Leave a name tag so that we can identify your work. I’m sure you’re very proud and we are too. Take photos and tell the world.”

Visit for progress reports on the community project.

The festival runs from May 24 to June 8.