Keeping the kids happy is child’s play as church transforms into space centre

Fun at St Andrews
Fun at St Andrews

Holiday clubs are finding increasing popularity in the long summer holidays as parents seek entertainment for their children.

In Burgess Hill, St Andrew’s Church held its holiday club for 5 to 11 year olds.

Fun at St Andrews

Fun at St Andrews

This year there was a space theme and for a whole week more than 90 children became astronauts in training.

They went on a journey with Daniel and his friends in a foreign land that was so different it was like being on another planet.

Being a church club there was a faith theme with a light touch.

Through space themed crafts, games, songs and messy challenges, the children learnt how God gave Daniel and his friends wisdom and knowledge and were able to use their trust in God through prayer to get out of some very tricky and dangerous situations.

Also that God loves every one of us whether tall or short, young or old.

St Andrew’s Church was transformed into a space academy with space stations named after planets around a grid of space pods where the children gathered in their personalised space t shirts.

Each day began with a warm up with the Supernovas followed by worship in song and actions.

Professor Buzzbrain visited to tell the children how outer space and the solar system worked.

The challenges Daniel and his friends faced were applied through messy challenges like the recreation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s beard with shaving foam and cheese puffs and with games such as filling up the sacred goblets without spilling the ‘wine’, dodge ball and obstacle courses.

Crafts included making flying saucers and solar systems.

The end of each day included the awarding of points for completing the games with additional points awarded for participation, determination and team spirit. There was also a visit from George, a puppet in outer space, illustrated memory verses, space jokes and prayer.

Vicar Sophie Jelley took a “dunking” in the right spirit.

At the end of the week 200 people attended the celebration ceremony and BBQ where the children were awarded their attendance certificates and medals for completing their training.

The Holiday Club was run by a team of over 50 people including 18 members of the youth congregation.