Jigsaw celebrates its 15th birthday

The Jigsaw Trust celebrates 15 years SUS-140926-094641001
The Jigsaw Trust celebrates 15 years SUS-140926-094641001
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Jigsaw Trust celebrated its 15th Birthday on Sunday September 14.

The Trust educates and supports children and adults with autism through their Jigsaw CABAS® School (Ofsted: ‘Outstanding’ 2013) and Jigsaw+ Adult Services on Dunsfold Park in Surrey.

The Jigsaw Trust was set up in 1999 by parents of children with autism and in September of that same year, the Jigsaw CABAS® School was born.

The independent school is one of only a few of its kind throughout the UK. It has provision for 60 pupils between the ages of 4 -19 and caters for children with varying degrees of the Autism Spectrum Disorder with one-on-one teaching and individualized curriculum. In addition, Jigsaw also now runs an adult services provision, Jigsaw+, at their Centre for Lifelong Learning, catering for individuals over the age of 18 with autism.

Kate Grant, CEO and Founding Parent explains: “When my son was much younger, we researched and followed an ABA Home Programme to work with his particular needs.

“I saw the home programme as a stepping stone to a wider and more socially based educational environment for him.

“I knew exactly what I wanted him to have access to but I felt, at the time, that there was a gap in the educational system for children with similar needs to my son.

“The best solution seemed to be to establish a setting that could provide the sort of behavioural approach to education I saw him benefit from through the home programme and blend this type of specialist education with life skills training to help him, and other children, reach their full potential.

“In a nutshell, this was how and why the Jigsaw Trust and Jigsaw CABAS® School was established!”

Jigsaw’s Patron, Kim Robson (96.4 Eagle Radio Presenter and Programme Manager) also sent her birthday wishes: “I have been genuinely honoured to be Patron of this charity for the past 7 years now – I’ve enjoyed watching it grow, helping literally scores of children and latterly, broaden out into a much needed Adult Service provision.

“I wish everyone at Jigsaw a very happy 15th Birthday, and very many more to come!”

Anne Milton MP also sent a birthday message saying ‘Congratulations to everyone at Jigsaw for reaching 15 years, what a fabulous milestone! I had the pleasure of seeing first-hand the dedication and hard work of all the staff, who provide a truly outstanding education and service to children and adults with autism in Surrey. A wonderful school, for some very wonderful children and their families – a very Happy Birthday to you all!’

*ABA – Applied Behaviour Analysis – visit www.jigsawschool.co.uk/about_us/what_is_cabas ?

Report and picture contributed by The Jigsaw Trust.