Janet wished well after 29 years working at hospital

Colleagues of a community support worker who has worked at Crawley Hospital for nearly three decades threw a surprise retirement party for her.

Janet MacCrossen from Three Bridges came to Crawley from Glasgow in 1967. She started her career at Crawley Hospital on what was the Viscount ward for orthopaedic patients and was there for 20 years.

jpco 3-10-13 Janet MacCrossen (Pic by Jon Rigby)

jpco 3-10-13 Janet MacCrossen (Pic by Jon Rigby)

She then moved to the intermediate care team as a support worker and has been there for nearly 10 years before retiring on Friday (September 27). Next year would have been her 30th year working there.

The staff decided to put on a surprise party in the physiotherapy gym. They decorated it with balloons and put up posters around the hospital and they enjoyed a buffet and cake to mark Janet retirement.

Janetsaid: “I lost my husband three years ago and now at 67 I think it’s time to slow down. It’s amazing. The offices I work in now were the wards I worked on.

“I’ve enjoyed most of it. This team has been brilliant with me when my husband was ill.

“The NHS has been really supportive of me. I’m going to be spending more time sewing and learning shabby chic art. It was nice to get a surprise. I knew we were going to have a do in the office, but didn’t know this was being arranged.”

Colleagues said she had brought much joy to the department.

Naz Jooma, who helped organise the retirement party, said: “She’s always making us laugh a lot

“She’s a brilliant support worker. We kept this all a surprise until Monday.”

Physiotherapist Paul Gallinagh said: “I’ve worked with her since 2004. She takes no nonsense from patients.

“If there’s a patient who needs progressing quickly she’s the one to do it. It’s the Glaswegian in her.”

Dionne Laundon, assistant practitioner, said: “If we’re down Janet comes and brightens us up. She’s very good with patients as well. She’s definitely going to be missed.

“She’s so well known in the community as well.”

Some of her family also attended the party. Janet’s daughter Donna MacCrossen said: “Lots of people have always said how caring she was.

“People stop her in the street and say ‘you looked after me’. She has a very caring heart, She’s always loved it - at 30 years, you have go to.”