Internet sensation ‘Stuggy’ raises laughs

A REMOVAL man from Durrington has become an internet sensation, acquiring fans from across the globe.

Wednesday, 1st April 2015, 3:48 pm
Stuart Barter with his wife Ashton

Stuart Barter, who is better known as Stuggy Vines, has been coined the British Jim Carrey for his comically contorted faces and wild brand of comedy.

Stuart, 26, of Winterbourne Way, produces short comedic videos using the app Vine and distributes them to his followers using social media channels such as Snapchat, Youtube and Facebook.

Since January his popularity has skyrocketed.

In that time, his Facebook page has gone from 3,000 likes to more than 750,000 and he is often stopped in the street by fans wanting to take a selfie with him.

He said: “It doesn’t phase me whatsoever. This is my hobby I have never thought of it like a business. I’ve just made content that I find funny.

“I try and do all sorts of different comedy. I change lyrics to songs, do posh voices and weird faces. People compare me to Jim Carrey, which is really nice as he is my inspiration 100 per cent.”

He said he receives Snapchats (picture messages) from all over the world, including New Zealand and Thailand. He added that the most surreal place he had been recognised was while on a ferry to the Isle of Wight.

Stuart’s journey to online stardom began 18 months ago when he first started viewing Vines created by American users.

“I came home and said to the family it’s quite cool and they said it would be a good idea if I did it,” he said. “Because I’m quite wacky I downloaded the app and went from there from one bad video to another.”

His videos have become a family affair, with wife of nearly two years, Ashton, 25, often appearing, along with their dog Danny the pug. The couple also have their own Youtube channel.

Ashton said: “We have got a good fanbase. We have got a Youtube channel which has had really big hits and people have been saying we are like the best social media couple.”

Stuart added: “Our relationship could be a reality show to be honest. We are both so thick and that’s what makes it so funny.”

Despite their good intentions to make people laugh they face their fair share of abuse from internet ‘trolls’. The couple said the negative comments could be ‘really bad’.

Stuart said: “The context is there are 5,000 people that are like that (abusive) and then there are 130,000 people who like the video. Do you stop to please the 5,000 or keep going to please the 130,000?”

To see some of Stuggy’s work, search Stuggy Vines on Facebook.