Interactive shipping map launched

How the new interactive shipping map looks
How the new interactive shipping map looks

PLEAS for better shipping information has led to the launch of a new live interactive map.

Shoreham Port has responded to feedback from customers and stakeholders by improving access to up-to-date shipping information and re-configuring the shipping page on its website.

The page now features a live interactive map, which means vessels can be tracked with real-time information in and outside the port, rather than just a static details list.

Harbour master Julian Seaman said: “Automatic identification systems (AIS) were initially intended to help vessels avoid collisions, as well as in assisting port authorities to achieve better control of sea traffic within their jurisdiction.

“Now, at a glance, our customers and stakeholders can see which vessels are in the port or outside, awaiting the tide to enter.”

Each vessel is symbolised by a coloured diamond icon. By left clicking on one of the vessel icons, users can view detailed information about each vessel.

The speed, course, destination and estimated time of arrival of every vessel entering and leaving Shoreham Port is visible and further details can be accessed by clicking on the ‘vessel’s details’ link.

Installing the live map means users can access vessel information 24 hours a day, unlike with the previous spreadsheet layout where information could be updated only as and when information was received from the vessels.

The new map can be viewed via {\Vessel Movement}.

The shipping information will continue to be displayed on Shoreham Port’s notice boards, located near the lock gates. Contact the main office on 01273 598100 with any queries regarding using the map.