‘Inspirational’ family win fundraising award

Tricia Haywood and family (Pic by Jon Rigby)
Tricia Haywood and family (Pic by Jon Rigby)

An inspirational family from Crawley will be awarded for raising thousands for charity while coping with cancer.

Trica and Steve Hayward, and their children Sarah, 17, and David, 15, will receive an ‘Inspirational Family Award’ at the Park Christmas Savings Award Ceremony on January 25.

David was diagnosed with blood cancer and secondary bone cancer when he was 13 and has been undergoing chemotherapy at the Royal Marsden hospital, in Surrey.

The family, from Broadfield, have raised about £6,000 for various charities that have helped David, such as Children with Leukaemia, St Catherine’s hospice, Clic Sargent, The Royal Marsden and East Surrey Hospital, Chestnut Tree House and Race for Life.

Trica said her son had been the most positive of all the family.

She said: “He has good and bad days but he’s very positive.

“The chemotherapy leaves him with no immune system but he is going to school when he can.

“He has been incredible, he’s been an inspiration.”

Trica, a former full time carer, who now cares for her son said: “We’ve always been a close family but we are even closer now and the things that mattered before don’t matter now.

“It’s made us prioritise things that are important.”

David was in hospital for a year after he was diagnosed but as soon as he was well enough to come home he began his charity work and used Ebay to raise charity funds.

The family’s next charity event will be to push David in his wheelchair from East surrey hospital to Sutton Royal Marsden.

Park’s Christmas Saving scheme, which Trica has saved with for the last five years, has awarded the family for their work with a weekend away in Chester and a makeover in Debenhams with £150 to spend each.