Ideas collected to help traffic flow in Shoreham

Traffic clogs up High Street, Shoreham
Traffic clogs up High Street, Shoreham

POSSIBLE solutions to mounting traffic problems in Shoreham town centre were discussed this week.

West Sussex County Council is part way through the Shoreham Town Centre Study, looking at improving the roads by making the traffic flow better.

Transport planner Iain Steane gave a presentation to Shoreham Society on Monday and a workshop was held, where members looked at their own solutions.

He said: “We are looking to improve vehicle movement and circulation efficiency.”

Journey time surveys were being carried out, along with peak-hour traffic counts and an investigation of parking supply and demand.

Data is being collected and analysed prior to a report to the Adur County Local Committee on November 21.

Issues included speeding in Old Shoreham Road, particularly by HGVS, and parking at junctions.

Mr Steane said records showed an 800m journey from Eastern Avenue to the Norfolk Bridge could take as long as nine minutes at around 3pm to 4pm.

Delays were partly caused by the large number of buses on the A259, some of them stopping for periods of time in High Street.

Congestion in that area was also exacerbated by the two pedestrian crossings in close proximity.

The Norfolk Bridge roundabout had not been designed correctly, Mr Steane added, so cars were often backing up across it, blocking other traffic from getting across.

It had been noted car parks were 80 to 90 per cent full at most times, so they were reasonably well used, but there might not be a high turnover of cars.

The study would look at whether the one-way system in the town centre should be changed, and whether a better connection between East Street and the station could be created, making the town centre vibrant and a nicer place to be.

Mr Steane said they would also be looking at ideas on what to do at junctions, as well as better signage.

He told society members: “What we would like from you is input on these ideas and any others you can think of.

“What transport improvements do you think will successfully address problems in the town cenre? It is about getting traffic moving.”

Air quality was raised as a key concern, but Mr Steane pointed out this was monitored by Adur District Council, not the county council.

He added: “The High Street buildings are quite close to the road, so the fumes cannot dissipate so much.

“As long as we can get the traffic moving, that disperses particulate matter in the air.”

Suggestions from society members included looking at parking in Buckingham Road, which was currently creating a chicane effect, and safety awareness signs in Old Shoreham Road.

A filter lane at the Saltings roundabout would help traffic flow around to Shoreham Beach, it was suggested, and the Brunswick Road/Western Road junction was highlighted as a hotspot.

Many said problems were caused by commuters taking up free parking spaces all day and others said a better link between the A259 and A27 would help.

People also agreed with the idea of introducing sensor-operated lights in Ropetackle, to improve traffic flow in Old Shoreham Road, because not many cars used the turning and the current traffic lights created long delays.