Ice cream event

THE annual ‘Ice Cream Sundae’ event at Parham House and its award winning gardens, between Storrington and Pulborough, takes place on Sunday August 7.

The event is a great day out for all the family and includes displays and demonstrations of traditional ice cream making, guided visits to Parham’s 18th century Ice House, performances by the Hampshire Regency Dancers in Parham House’s Great Hall and a portrayal, by the same group, of an 18th century picnic in the garden’s ‘Pleasure Grounds’. The event runs from 12pm-5pm.

The Historic Interpretation Group, ‘Histrionics’, will be making ice cream by the traditional method, using ice and salt in a hand turned wooden ice cream bucket with a tin liner. This method has been used since at least the early 18th century, when ice was stored in ice houses built in the grounds of large country houses. Large chunks of ice would have been brought into the house and kept in wooden chests before being used to freeze flavoured iced waters and creams. The ice cream was then pressed into decorative moulds and stored in ice until the diners were ready to eat them. “Histrionics” will be showing how to do it in the ‘Mower Shed’ next to Parham’s Walled Garden.

An industrial archaeologist, will speak about the history of ice houses and the storage and use of ice at country house estates. There will be guided walks to see the Ice House in Parham Park. The Hampshire Regency Dancers will perform in Parham House’s Great Hall.