Hundreds of pounds benefitting local community organisations

Kangaroos receives �1,500 from Community Initiative Funding for new toys and equipment
Kangaroos receives �1,500 from Community Initiative Funding for new toys and equipment

Bolnore Village Community Partnership has received £3,000 towards the purchase of sporting equipment, furniture, IT and security equipment.

The money comes from the Community Initiative Fund which is controlled by Central Mid Sussex County Local Committee (CLC).

At its meeting on March 11 councillors agreed to support a number of community projects including Mid Sussex South Council for Voluntary Service, £470, towards facilitating Volunteer Forum Sessions; St Peter & St James Hospice, £1,272, towards the purchase of a lawn mower with snow plough; and remember, £1,000, for the purchase of a desktop computer and projector.

The Kangaroos have benefitted from £1516.80 towards the cost of purchasing toys and equipment, while Ashenground Community Centre now has £600 to spend on a portable disabled ramp and chairs.

However, Lindfield Arts Festival’s bid for £5,000 towards costs of musical workshops in local schools for the festival was declined, as it was deemed to be outside of the funding criteria.

The committee states that the funds are not for supporting the on-going revenue requirements of organisations; rather they are for the benefit of the Central Mid Sussex community by ‘pump priming’ new initiatives or supporting one-off applications for specific projects.

Ideally, there should also be evidence of matched funding, either generated by the organisation or obtained from other sources.

Scaynes Hill Village Centre received £1000, towards the costs of building insulations; Haywards Heath Youth CIC, £570 towards the costs of sending invitations to and advertising a Volunteers Fair; Handcross Rosemary Club, £350, towards the cost of a coach trip to Haskin’s Garden Centre; and Haywards Heath Town CIC, £2500, towards Station Quarter greening.