Hot yoga for all in Haywards Heath


The first purpose built Yoga studio in Haywards Heath has opened it’s doors to all ages and abilities.

They focus on Hot Yoga, where the room is heated to 35 degrees, a technique advocated by Andy Murray and the German World Cup winning football team.

This warm studio creates the perfect conditions for Yoga practice, allowing the muscles to warm quickly and stretch.

The founders of Be-yoga Haywards Heath, Bryony Hamerton and Sandra Peat, say they are passionate about Be-yoga’s mantra “yoga for all”.

Sandra said: “Having moved to Haywards Heath from London, I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a local yoga studio that I could use around commuting times to London. Hence Be-yoga was born!”

However the classes are not just aimed at busy commuters.

Bryony, who has been teaching for six years in London, Brighton, France and Morocco said: “We believe that Be-yoga should be for everyone, not just commuters.

“We are passionate about bringing Yoga to the local community. We have specific classes for the over 60’s, which are designed specifically for people who have arthritic and mobility issues.”

Bryony used to train Premier League goalkeeper Brad Friedel, who is still playing at 43 and appeared in a record 310 consecutive matches.

“We also plan to run special classes for the community groups, who would otherwise not have access to yoga classes,” she added.

Be-yoga say yoga is proven to have a positive effect on physical and emotional wellbeing. From the 28th September, Be-yoga are running weekend afternoon Karma Classes.

These classes will be donation only to attend, and all proceeds will be donated to a local charity. They are holding a taster session aimed at highlighting the benefits of yoga at an open day on Saturday from 11.30am-4.30pm.

Be-yoga is held at Clair House, Clair Road. Go to for more details, or to register for an introductory deal £20 for two weeks unlimited classes.