Horsham Morris Men set for Day of Dance 2013

JPCT 12-05-12 S12200595a  Broadwood Day of Dance, Horsham, -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 12-05-12 S12200595a Broadwood Day of Dance, Horsham, -photo by Steve Cobb

The Broadwood Morris Men’s Day of Dance 2013 will take place in Horsham town centre once again this year on Saturday May 11 2013.

The Broadwood Men were founded back in 1972 and this year there will be 33 sides taking part.
Keith Haynes, the current squire of the Broadwood Morris Men, said: “We are pleased to have 33 sides coming to our annual Day of Dance in Horsham town centre this year.”
You will be able to see, and hear, the Morris men and women all around Horsham on 11 May, in all of their various colourful costumes, and from 3pm join in with a barn dance at the bandstand in the Carfax. 
Supporting the festival of Morris dancing, Horsham’s Local Produce Market will be going medieval for the day on the Carfax. There will be an inter-stall competition for the best stalls and expect to see some pretty amazing costumes and stalls.
Since the 13th Century, Horsham has held a charter to hold markets and, today, these markets still play their part in the vitality of the town. Over the centuries, markets have been hosted in both the Carfax and Bishopric in Horsham town centre and, during the Day of Dance, the Carfax market will be hosting some very special stalls exploring their medieval background.
Look out for the food on offer as it was back then – fresh meat, eggs and delicious local fruit and veg. Bread was always a staple and today both markets have flourishing bakery stalls.
Find out more by visiting the Horsham Markets website (www.horshammarkets.co.uk).
The event is organised by the Broadwood Morris Men with support from Horsham District Council.