Horsham boy donates month’s pocket money to the Philippines

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A Horsham 12-year-old donated his month’s pocket money to help the relief efforts in the Philippines following a typhoon that has left thousands dead and millions more affected, this morning (November 15).

Nearly £1,000 was raised by schoolchildren and staff at Forest School, Horsham - some who donated £50 notes - in half an hour by the school gates.

James Collins, 12, of Horsham, donated £15 which he normally spends every month to buy a book and appealed to the public join in the relief effort.

He said: “All these people who have died have families and friends just like I do and I thought if some one I know was out there I would want as many people to give money as possible.

“I want to be a part of that and have as many people help as possible.”

He continued: “£15 doesn’t sound like much, at the same time it can be quite a lot.

“You could be saving a life in a hospital they’ve set up, which may need all the money they can get.”

James is a member of his school’s Community Volunteers group and takes part in inter-generational and community activities.

The majority of the 1,200 students and staff at the secondary school have contributed towards its collection for the Rotary Club of Horsham’s crisis appeal, said Laura Ward, 39, the school’s Community Liasons Enrichment officer, who leads the volunteer group.

She said: “[James] really has some empathy and compassion for what is happening in the Philippines.

“It’s fantastic to hear such a young person have such an understanding of what’s going else where in the world.”