Horses leave stinking deposits on new bridge

Adur Council workers clear up the mess left by the horses
Adur Council workers clear up the mess left by the horses

JUST days after the Adur Ferry Bridge was opened, it was left covered in piles of horse mess.

Irate residents were quick to complain about the deposits left behind when a group of horses was walked across the new bridge

Adur Council chairman Mike Mendoza was alerted and council workers were called in to clear the mess, including steam cleaning the surface.

Mr Mendoza said: “I find this a most antisocial act, I can understand why they did it but they didn’t think of the consequences.

“I received several calls from irate residents complaining about the smell and the mess. I was out having lunch with friends when I received the calls and immediately left my friends to try to sort this out.”

He said he spoke to Adur Council leader Neil Parkin, who arranged for the clear-up, and later went along to thank the team personally.

The horses were ridden along High Street before being walked over.

Mr Mendoza added: “What if the horses had bolted? There are glass panels either side and this could have caused a very nasty accident.”

West Sussex County Council has since made it clear the bridge is not a bridleway and there is no right of way for horses.