Home in time for Christmas


A CAT who travelled 250 miles from her Pulborough home has been returned to her owner in time for Christmas.

Thanks to the efforts of the RSPCA and a good Samaritan, Banjo was reunited with her owner Paul Martin on Thursday (December 15) after eight months and a long journey from Sussex to Ceredigion, Wales.

It is believed that the cat, a female ginger and white Ragdoll Maine Coon cross, hitched a ride in a caravan with her owners back in April to West Wales, where she escaped and became lost.

Without a collar or a microchip, Banjo became a stray until a woman in Sarnau near Llandysul took her in and advertised her as a missing cat locally and online.

Through an internet search, Banjo’s Pulborough owner, Paul Martin, was able to locate his missing pet and verify it was her.

Mr Martin then enlisted the help of the RSPCA, who usually do not provide this service.

However on this occasion animal collection officer Lyn David was able to make the 500 mile round trip the next day to pick up the cat.

Mr Martin, a supporter and contributor to the RSPCA for many years, said: “I am delighted. Banjo was all over me on her return and has now settled down in her old chair that she always used as though nothing had happened.

“I am extremely grateful to the RSPCA for helping an owner in need, and Banjo and I wish the good Samaritan in Ceredigion and the RSPCA a very Merry Christmas from Pulborough.”

Mr Martin now intends to arrange an auction to raise money for the RSPCA as a thank you.