Holiday run puts pair in a marathon mood

Lucy Gill (left) and Ruth Dudman prepare for the Brighton Half Marathon
Lucy Gill (left) and Ruth Dudman prepare for the Brighton Half Marathon

Shoreham runners Lucy Gill and Ruth Dudman are preparing for the Brighton Half Marathon next Sunday, having taken up running together on holiday last year.

The pair, who live on a houseboat at Riverbank, are raising money for Childhelp-Hassocks and Friends of PICU at Southampton General Hospital.

Lucy said: “We started running together on holiday in Mallorca last year, and have built up our distances really gradually.

“Ruth bought me a place in the half marathon for my 30th birthday, which has been a great incentive to keep it up.”

She is supporting Childhelp-Hassocks, which helps disadvantaged children, mainly in Sussex.

Ruth added: “We’ve both really enjoyed running over the last year, its surprising how much you do actually want to go out even on the rainy and cold mornings.

“The half marathon is a really good opportunity for me to raise some money for a charity very close to my heart.

“Last year my nephew was treated in PICU, so it felt the obvious choice to fundraise for.”

Just a few hours after Leo Stanley Roberts was born in June last year, the hospital picked up a serious heart condition that meant weeks of traumatic time in hospital, Ruth explains on her JustGiving web page.

“The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in Southampton, where Leo was treated, was absolutely incredible.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say the staff and care they provided literally saved his life at least four times over.

“As one of the nurses put it, ‘it’s as though little Leo has read the book of complications, he’s had pretty much every one of them going’.”

Little Leo has had a tough time of it but is now going from strenth to strength.

“I am raising money for the Friends of PICU because I can’t think of a way of thanking them that reflects the enormity of how grateful I am,” added Ruth.

She has already raised more than £700 of her £800 target through JustGiving donations. Lucy, meanwhile, has so far raised £135.

More than 10,000 runners are expected to take part in Brighton Half Marathon on February 17, on a circular route from Madeira Drive.

Visit and search for Lucy Gill or Ruth Dudman for updates or to make a donation.