Historic name is set to return to Ropetackle site

The new Basepoint name on the High Street side
The new Basepoint name on the High Street side

A COMPROMISE has been reached for the naming of the building housing Ropetackle Arts Centre.

After a storm of complaints when the large ‘Ropetackle’ lettering was changed to ‘Basepoint’ by the building’s owners last year, there have been months of negotiations to find a solution.

Basepoint Business Centres was adamant it wanted the new vertical wording to be retained but has now agreed ‘@Ropetackle’ could be added below, to run horizontally.

Adur District Council’s planning committee approved the application for advertisement consent on Monday.

The new addition will be made to the High Street and Little High Street sides, and a whole new sign in the same style will be added to the side facing the River Adur for the first time.

Planning officer Peter Barnett explained: “Last year, the Ropetackle lettering was removed from the building and replaced with Basepoint lettering in the same style, running down the building.

“A lot of objections were received. To appease the objectors, the applicants have agreed to reinstate the Ropetackle name to the building, at the bottom of the sign. It will read ‘@Ropetackle’, running horizontally. It is very similar in its appearance to the previous lettering.”

The letters for ‘Ropetackle’ will be a slightly smaller than ‘Basepoint’ and placed closer together, making it look more compact.

One of the concerns had been difficulties for the many visitors in finding the arts centre. Councillors agreed the new sign would be, if anything, an improvement.

Brian Coomber said: “I think this is an improvement, for the simple reason that people using signage forget that people using the English language read from left to right, not from top to bottom.

“Therefore, looking at this, what you see is actually ‘Ropetackle’. It is a much better way of telling where they are. I think this is a very good compromise for the people of Shoreham.”

Carol Albury agreed, adding: “Anybody will call it Ropetackle anyway. A lot of people haven’t really realised, because the letters are absolutely identical, that it had actually changed.

“I think most people will go on calling it Ropetackle and the fact that it is going horizontal, it will be much better and much clearer and I think this will get it across that it is still Ropetackle.”

Peter Metcalfe said: “It has got a very nice, modern touch to it.”