Henfield mum opens cupcake shop today

JPCT 030913 S13361057x Kaylee's Cakery. Henfield. Kayleigh and husband Lee -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 030913 S13361057x Kaylee's Cakery. Henfield. Kayleigh and husband Lee -photo by Steve Cobb

A Henfield mum will open her new cupcake and local crafts shop near the village’s high street today (Saturday October 19).

Kayleigh Peters, 26, mother of two young boys, who ‘jumped at the opportunity’ of having her own business after spending five years as a stay-at-home mum, will open Kaylee’s Cakery after ‘months of frustrating delays’.

JPCT 030913 S13361055x Kaylee's Cakery. Henfield. -photo by Steve Cobb

JPCT 030913 S13361055x Kaylee's Cakery. Henfield. -photo by Steve Cobb

She said: “I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved. The actual look of the shop has exceeded my expectations.

“My husband built all the bespoke units by hand. He has achieved my vision. Even though we weren’t on the same page at times we’ve come together and are really proud of what we’ve achieved.

“We’ve had quite a few unfortunate delays with the shop, which were unforeseen, and as any small business knows, those kind of delays can be very costly and they can be very stressful.”

Her husband, Lee, 25, a full-time carpenter, said the opening was a ‘now or never moment’ at a pre-opening gathering of friends and family yesterday evening.

He said: “It was a now or never moment. It’s a scary prospect opening your own shop but if you don’t do it you’ll never know.

“She just went for it, she just jumped at the opportunity and I’ve been playing catch up but it makes sense now. It’s all worked out for the best.

“She wanted something for herself being a stay-at-home mum - my role is to support Kayleigh and continue backing her when she needs an extra pair of hands.”

Kaylee’s Cakery will offer various cakes including traditional fruit cakes for an older generation, speciality coffee from the Horsham Coffee Roaster, local crafts and run cupcake workshops.

Kayleigh commented: “It’s a very hard shop to describe. It’s a bit of everything rolled into one.

“I’m trying to make a centre point in Henfield where people can come and do lots of different things, enjoy a drink or cupcake, or learn a new craft, or order their child’s first birthday cake.”

Kayleigh decided to expand her home-based business, which was set up in November, after being ‘inundated by people wanting cakes’.

Speaking about her future business aspirations, she said: “We do get a lot of orders we have to throw away, we would also like to open another shop front in a village like this.

“One almost that’s lacking in that centre point where people can come in and enjoy a moment to themselves.”

Explaining the location of the shop, the businesswoman said: “Henfield is a lovely village, we’ve got loads to offer in Henfield.

“There are lots of houses going up at the moment, a really busy high street and a lovely community so that’s firstly why we live here and secondly why I chose to set up the business here.”

The young couple have two sons, Charlie, 3, and Daniel, 5, who was diagnosed with autism last year.

The mother, who has been sleeping for four hours per night in the run-up to the opening, said: “I’ve my hands full. I’ve been a stay at home mum for five years and set the [business] up last year, it’s had a really massive impact on my life.”

She added: “I’m supported by my husband and the reason why the name’s what it is is because his name is Lee and my name’s Kayleigh.

“So it’s a bit of an ironic name but it’s very much a family business.”

Kaylee’s Cakery opens at 10am.

It is located at 2 Norton Mews, Henfield near Coopers Way off the high street.

For more information see their website or Facebook page.