Help to cope with debt problems

IF YOU were tempted to overspend this Christmas, help is at hand.

Free group advice sessions are being offered to organisations in the Arun district.

Arun Wellbeing and Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice Bureau are aiming to help residents avoid a stressful start to the New Year by giving tips on how to cope with debt.

Arun’s Cabinet Member for Community Development Councillor Paul Wotherspoon, whose responsibility covers Arun Wellbeing, said: “There are a number of people who end up spending money that they do not have over the festive season, which can lead to a stressful New Year. “These sessions are designed to give information and advice that could help avoid starting 2013 with money worries or debt collectors on the doorstep.”

The sessions are on offer to groups of people at places like children’s centres, schools, or community and voluntary organisations and can be arranged through the CAB by telephone on 01903 725960.

The sessions aim to: reduce debt / finance related stress caused by pressures of the festive season; raise awareness and understanding of the implications of over-spending; increase budgeting skills; increase coping skills and resilience.

They will also cover the following topics: how you might get into debt; the descent into debt; how being in debt might make you feel; how to start tackling debt; sources of help; working with a money adviser; debt and mental health; the next steps available; and further information.

People who would like help outside of these group sessions are advised to visit their local CAB for individual advice.

For general Wellbeing advice, you can also contact the Arun Wellbeing team on 01903 737862 or Alternatively, visit