Heather’s hair gets the chop and raises £1,500

Heather McCann
Heather McCann

A charity hair cut has raised more than three times the target amount for Cancer Research UK.

Heather McCann, who is well known through working at the ticket office in Horsham railway station, had her long locks chopped at the Olive Branch pub in Horsham Friday April 3.

Heather McCann

Heather McCann

She had hoped to collect £500 for the charity, and also gave her hair to PrincessTrust, which creates wigs for children suffering from cancer.

Heather said: “So the cut took place on Friday and what an amazing night it was.

“More people than I could imagine came to support the event and we raised a phenomenal amount of money for cancer research. So far it’s over £1,500 which is three times my target and the money just keeps going up!!

“I really can’t believe it. This entire experience has been extremely emotional and so very over whelming for me and I can’t thank my friends and family and the people over Horsham enough for their generosity and support.

“In addition I have decided not to wear a wig as I think it doesn’t actually look that bad.”

Heather was motivated to raise funds for cancer research after losing her uncle to cancer last year.

To donate visit www.justgiving.com/Heather-mybighaircutxx or find her on Facebook.