Outdoor gym set to make Bersted fitter

WALKERS around a North Bersted field will be able to make themselves even fitter on their stroll.

Out door gym equipment is being planned for the Jubilee Playing Field on Chalcraft Lane.

Bersted Parish Council is looking to install the items to enable residents of all ages to build up a sweat on their doorstep.

Its members unanimously backed the initial thoughts outlined by Cllr Wendy Kapp. She said four pieces of equipment were being considered.

These included a walker, a sideways skier and a seated leg press. Some would be double items to enable pairs of people to work on them together.

“Every piece of equipment should be accessible to everyone,” she said. “We have got to have something people feel comfortable with.”

Neighbouring residents would be consulted about the siting of the equipment. The items were likely to cost £1,100 each plus VAT.

Cllr Patrick Hastings, the council’s chairman, said: “We are very keen on this. It’s such a good idea.”

Cllr Gez Watson advised that the equipment should be placed close to paths to enable it to be easily reached when the ground was wet.

Similar equipment at West Park in Aldwick, the Trees estate in North Bersted and Longbrook park in Felpham has proved popular.