New home and new equipment for Storrington optician

New optometry epuipment in the Martin Steels opticians in Storrington - pictucre submitted
New optometry epuipment in the Martin Steels opticians in Storrington - pictucre submitted

An optician in Storrington has moved his practice to a bigger unit and has invested in better equipment.

Twenty years ago Martin Steels opened his second practice in Storrington having started his first in Emsworth 31 years ago.

Last week the company held an open day at its new home in the village at 11, Old Mill Square - just a few doors down from their old home at number five.

Owner Martin Steels said: “The move has been imposed by a large local development scheme, but has provided a golden opportunity for the company to update its facilities and provide a superb new environment for its staff and customers alike.

“With a change in location comes a change in style, and the smart new premises offers a big chance to update the eye examination equipment. The creation of a new clinical investigation room which houses the new state of the art ‘optical coherence tomographer’ and visual field screener, allows a much more comprehensive approach to eye examination.”

This new equipment allows staff to detect conditions that may not be visible by any other means and therefore speeds referral and treatment whenever possible.

Mr Steels added: “The new décor reflects both the up-to-date equipment for eye examination and provides a beautiful new showroom to view the most fashionable frames and review the latest lens technology available for work, leisure and sporting applications.

“In 31 years the world of Optometry has moved forward at a phenomenal pace and is unrecognisable from the world that I entered in 1983. My mission, and my caring and attentive staff’s mission, however, is to remain current, offer our patients the very best care, and offer the most appropriate solutions for their eye care.”