Mental wellbeing in the workplace

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WORTHING and Arun Mind is staging two free ‘Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace’ workshops, which have been funded by Worthing County Local Committee.

They are being held at Field Place, The Boulevard, Durrington, on Thursday July 28 and Wednesday August 24 between 9.30am and 4.30pm.

The workshops are aimed at:

Managers and employers who would like to learn more about how to support staff experiencing difficulties.

Employees who would like to do more to increase their mental wellbeing at work.

People who would like to learn more about mental health problems on a personal or professional level.

Bob Smytherman, Chairman of Worthing County Local Committee, said: “We are backing these workshops because mental wellbeing in the workplace is an important issue.

“Right now, for example, one in six workers is experiencing depression, anxiety or stress. That means it is a problem that is too big to be ignored.”

Chris Brunton, of Worthing and Arun Mind, said: “The workshops will focus on raising awareness about mental health and wellbeing. This will challenge some of the myths and misconceptions around mental health by creating an understanding of mental wellbeing issues.”

The money came from the Committee’s Community Initiative Funding, which is cash it receives from West Sussex County Council to actively support initiatives that enhance their neighbourhood.

For more information or to book a place on one of the free workshops email

Should you have any urgent queries please call Gemma Davis, of Worthing and Arun Mind, Little High Street, Worthing, on 01903 603092.