7 ways you can support your local hospice

Have fun while supporting your local hospice
Have fun while supporting your local hospice
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Every penny raised makes a difference to the people who need it most

Hospices are there for us at some of the hardest times in our lives, supporting not only our loved ones but our whole community.

They rely on that same community to support them and every single donation and fundraising event can help to make a difference – no matter how big or small.

“People think ‘I’ll only get £30, what good is that going to do?’ but together everyone’s £30 makes a difference,” says Liz Silvester, from St Wilfrid’s Hospice, in Eastbourne.

“Everybody together is what makes the difference, not just one big donation.”

All the services provided at St Wilfrid’s, which serves communities in Eastbourne, Heathfield and Uckfield, are free of charge.

It costs more than £11,000 a day to run these services, with only 25 per cent funded by the NHS – the rest is from community support.

So what are some simple ways you can make a difference?

1. Get creative – Organise your own fundraising event and remember, whether it’s a limbo competition at your local or a Come Dine With Me challenge with your friends, every penny counts. You can get advice from the fundraising team by calling 01323 434241.

2. Pamper yourself – Time for a haircut or want to get a manicure? Why not visit the hospice’s salon and raise money at the same time?

3. Have a flutter – Entry to the hospice lottery is just £1 per week and not only are you in with a chance of winning a weekly prize of £2,000, you’re also providing a regular donation.

4. Give your time – Donations aren’t just about money; volunteering your time can be just as valuable. It doesn’t have to be a whole day – committing to just three hours a week can make a difference.

5. Go shopping – St Wilfrid’s has five charity shops and a furniture warehouse meaning shopaholics can enjoy some guilt-free indulgence.

6. Take on a challenge – If something is a challenge for you, get your friends and family to sponsor you while you take it on. It could be stopping a personal vice like smoking or biting your nails or taking on a physical challenge – why not aim to do 20 sit-ups every day for a month? Whatever you love doing, get sponsored to stop doing it or do it solid for a day, a month or a year! The possibilities are endless.

7. Clear out – Have some pre-loved items at home that you don’t use anymore? Drop them into one of the hospice shops or call the collection team on 01323 418424 and make some room while helping a good cause.

For more information on how to get involved, visit www.stwhospice.org, follow @StWilfridTweet on Twitter or visit the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/stwhospice.