Headteacher retires after 17 years

Dr William Lind
Dr William Lind

The headteacher of Ifield Community College has announced his retirement.

Dr William Lind has been in charge at the college for 17 years and will leave at the end of the summer term.

And while recognising he was leaving “the best job in the world” he joked that his family had hinted “with my arm up my back” that it was time to stop.

Dr Lind said: “I’ve got to recognise that I’m not as young as I used to be. It’s time for a hand over and we’ve achieved so much that we wanted to do in my time here.

“Mostly the children are saying ‘why have you got to go?’ I tell them it’s my wife and family and they say ‘can’t you talk them round?’

“I teach a class at maths and they want me to come back as a supply teacher.”

Dr Lind has received cards and presents from the students which have left him moved.

But, a modest man, he said he had no plans for a big send-off.

Of his achievements over the years, he said: “The biggest things are the progress pupils make and how their success was recognised by the Government.

“Remembering all the students who started off as shy 11-year-olds and matured into confident adults.”

Dr Lind will be replaced in the new term by his deputy Richard Cowper, initially on an acting basis until the role is advertised.

When asked what advice he would offer Mr Cowper, Dr Lind said: “He’s such a capable man I’m not sure I could. I would tell him it’s the best job in the world and to enjoy every moment of it.”

Dr Lind is the third Crawley secondary head to recently announce they were leaving their post.

The others were Yasmin Maskatiya, of Thomas Bennett Community College, and Jonathan Morris, of St Wilfrid’s.