Haywards Heath: Daughter thanks train stranger for kind note

The note SUS-150320-113521001
The note SUS-150320-113521001

A daughter is looking for a ‘kind and calming’ stranger who comforted her mother on a train with a handwritten note.

Kelly Mason, of Eastern Road, wants to thank a woman who held her mother’s hand when she was upset on a train bound for Haywards Heath.

It was just when there are so many other things going on and there was someone there at the right time.

Trudy, Kelly’s mother

Trudy, Kelly’s mother, has cancer. She was on her way from London to visit her daughter for Mother’s Day on March 15, when she got upset on a train listening to some music.

Kelly said: “On the train my mum had her headphones in and got slightly tearful when a song came on.

“It was then that the stranger sitting opposite my mum handed this note to her then asked if she was okay.

“My mum is fighting a hard battle with cancer and was blown away by this stranger’s kindness.

“I would really like to find this lady and thank her for the kindness that she shown to my mum if you know who she is or could be please get in touch.

“There are always bad things happening on the news and I just want to share that there is some truly kind people around.”

Kelly said the woman had a cousin in Haywards Heath and family in Crawley.

Trudy told the Middy what happened on the train.

“I was visiting for Mother’s Day.

“I thought I would go and see my daughter.

“I was doing some crotchet. I put a song on and it was my Kelly’s song.

“I found myself crying to the song that was on and I thought no you’ve got to get yourself together.

“Then this note just came over the table.

“I had to get my glasses on to read it. She said I just wanted to give you a cuddle.

“It was just when there are so many other things going on and there was someone there at the right time.

“She asked what my name was. My memory has gone a little bit so I’m not sure what her name was, I think she said Sherry or Cheryl.

“I told her I was going to visit my daughter for mother’s day.

“I asked her if she was going any where special and she said she was going to visit her mum and dad in Crawley.

“She just held my hand and we had a chat.

“She got off the train at Three Bridges and blew me a kiss and mouthed ‘you will be alright’.

“My daughter wants to find her to say thank you.

“It was just at the right time. She was really calming – there was just something about her.”

The note, written on a torn bit of paper, reads: “Without prying and as you have your headphones on.

“You looked sad a little while ago – I hope you are going to be okay.

“Perhaps your eyes just watered, but if not take a hand written note from a stranger who cares, that’s all!”

Kelly and Trudy want to find the woman who wrote the note.

If you can help please email middy.news@jpress.co.uk