Have your say on council’s spending plans

crawley mela sponsors
crawley mela sponsors

People have been given the opportunity to have their say on the way money will be saved by West Sussex County Council (WSCC).

Proposals showing how WSCC might reduce its spending by £61 million over the next two financial years have been published and people can now give their feedback.

Council leader Louise Goldsmith has stressed: “I want to emphasis strongly that these are just proposals at this stage. No final decisions have been taken, and will not be until the budget meeting in February.

“However, these proposals are far from being just about cutting services, and very much about a County Council that will again be looking at new ways of working and delivering services.

“I still firmly believe that, despite a background of government grant cuts, we can still deliver on our key priorities.”

The county council has said it may need to save in the region of £141 million over four years because of the impact of the Government’s spending statement.

Cllr Michael Brown, Cabinet member for finance, has said: “We have made it clear that we cannot spend money we simply will not have, and we do support the Government’s drive to get the nation’s finances back in sound order.

“Introducing a saving plan for the next two financial years at this stage rather than a four year plan will allow us time to make informed judgements and look at the best way of meeting our priorities.”

The closing date for feedback is Sunday 19 January.

Find the proposals for reducing spending at: www2.westsussex.gov.uk/ds/cttee/cc/cc131213agenda.pdf

Find the ‘Money matters…have your say!’ consultation survey at: www.westsussex.gov.uk/your_council/have_your_say/money_mattershave_your_say.aspx

Paper copies of the Money matters…have your say! feedback forms and the Council report are also available from libraries across the county.