Have a ‘look-see’ at Haywards Heath’s new £30m Sixth Form

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Central Sussex College is celebrating the launch of its new £30m Sixth Form campus in Haywards Heath by opening its doors to the community tomorrow (Saturday March 23).

The showcase event will take place from 10am to 2pm and is being billed as an opportunity for prospective school students, their family and friends and members of the community to take a tour of the facilities and learn more about the campus redevelopment.

The campus is situated between Harlands Road and Turners Mill Road, Haywards Heath, and currently has 1,150 students with the newly reconfigured site providing potential capacity for 1,400 students in the future.

Vistors will be able to see the new science laboratories, visual arts and photography studios, music facilities, the new learning resource and IT centre and digital language laboratories.

There is also a four couirt multi-sports hall and dance and rehearsal studios.

The Hub theatre will also be opening its doors for people to see the stage and seating facilities which the college hopes will now become a more improtant arts venue for Mid Sussex.

The theatre benefits from the new recption area which doubles as a large theatre foyer for performances as well as substantial car parking for evening and weekend events.