Harsh bus service cuts

ON behalf of a local group from Bus Users UK (a major organisation representing bus users), we are pleased you have given such comprehensive coverage to the cut-backs to bus services, caused by the County Council nearly halving support for bus services (a disproportionately harsh cut).

While most villages have escaped being totally cut off; evening and Sunday services that are likely to be most severely affected, in many areas.

We are particularly concerned for those without a car (including evening/weekend hospital, shop and catering workers), who will find it difficult to get into work. Other cuts may also affect school/college pupils and leisure users.

If you are particularly concerned about the potential loss of service; please contact the West Sussex County Council consultation team, via the website, or on 01243 642105, before June 10.

Even if the cuts cannot be prevented, opposition may prevent your service being amongst the first services to be cut, or at least help concentrate minds, that an urgent alternative needs to be found.

Peter Elvidge


Bus Users UK (Central Sussex group)