Grandmother overwhelmed by ‘best mum’ award

Laura Walker with her mum Denise Bridger        LA1500017
Laura Walker with her mum Denise Bridger LA1500017

A WORTHING grandmother has been awarded the title of ‘Best Mum in West Sussex’.

Denise Bridger, 61, of Wellesley Avenue, Goring, won the competition which is sponsored by independent living specialist Welbeing and the Worthing Herald.

Denise was nominated by her daughter Laura Walker, 33, of Littlehampton Road, Worthing.

On receiving the award, Denise said: “I am shocked and overwhelmed, I didn’t even know Laura had nominated me. I am so grateful and wouldn’t change anything for the world. I love my family to pieces and would do anything for them.”

In her nomination, Laura described her mum as ‘super-mum’ and said she wanted to show her that she means the world to her and her family.

She said: “I always feel like thank you is never enough and so I am glad I’ve had this opportunity to share how important my mum is to me and all my family.”

Laura is mum to two boys, Zach, six and Jacob, 18 months, and without her mum, she said she did not know how she and her husband, Paul, would look after them. When Laura had Zach, Denise had been made redundant. Instead of looking for another job, she offered to look after Zach so Laura could return to work.

When Zach started school, Denise found a job she loved, working with children with special needs. A year later, with Laura suffering from post-natal depression, Denise handed in her notice to look after baby Jacob.

Denise has put her grandchildren, children and her own mum before herself – she cleans her mum’s house, does her shopping and runs errands.

Denise won a bouquet and dinner for two at a restaurant of her choice, courtesy of Welbeing.

Charlene Saunders, Welbeing’s marketing manager, said: “Denise is such a worthy winner of our award and it is clear that her generosity and kindness has made a huge impact on her family.”