Graffiti at Shoreham Fort highlighted

Shoreham Fort features in a BBC programme on antisocial behaviour
Shoreham Fort features in a BBC programme on antisocial behaviour

MINDLESS vandalism at Shoreham Fort was highlighted in BBC television programme Street Patrol UK on Tuesday.

Dominic Littlewood looks at antisocial behaviour in the programme, featuring damage to historical buildings in the episode.

Gary Baines, founder of the Friends of Shoreham Fort, spoke about the devastation he felt when a rowdy group left giant murals all over the walls earlier this year.

“These murals were bigger than me in some places and I couldn’t believe what lengths people would go to deface our history,” he said in the programme.

Sergeant Tom Carter from Sussex Police said catching people for graffiti was difficult but in this case the man was prosecuted and had to pay £440 in compensation and costs.

He said: “Graffiti is a very difficult crime to actually catch people for and graffiti on heritage sites can cause untold damage.”

Dominic spoke of the history of the fort and told viewers: “It is staffed by an army or volunteers who are battling a different enemy, those set on covering these ancient walls with graffiti.”

East Worthing and Shoreham MP Tim Loughton also appears on the programme. “What is really gauling is when you have got all these people doing all this hard work and then mindless hooligans to come along and leave graffiti on heritage sites like this for some kick is just crazy,” he said.

The programme is available on BBC iPlayer.