Good Samaritan rescues missing cat


AFTER seven ‘distraught’ weeks, a pet owner is finally reunited with her ‘beloved’ cat, thanks to a good Samaritan.

Rescue cat Star went missing in August – her owner, Aaliyah Knight, said Star had a ‘nervous disposition’ and didn’t usually venture more than 20 feet away from the house.

At the time of Star’s disappearance, Aaliyah, from Shoreham, said: “I actually feel lost without her and just want my little fur ball back.”

But unbeknown to Aaliyah, a Portslade man had been trying to feed Star and coax her into his home so he could take her to his local vet.

Finally, Allan Cardew, of Old Shoreham Road, succeeded last week and took her to Grove Lodge Vets, Portslade, where Aaliyah was reunited with her.

Speaking about how Star came to live with her, Aaliyah said: “Star was a kitten when my boyfriend first noticed her at his work. She lived in the roof of the bus garage for 10 months before he brought her home and at the time everyone thought she was a feral cat.

“After 10 months the guys at the garage thought that she should go to a home as she was too sweet to be living rough. As my boyfriend had the strongest bond with her, he brought her home to Shoreham and we bonded straightaway. She went from being an outdoors cat to staying in all the time and only venturing out the front door for fresh air every evening. She never went out during the day, only at night when it was dark and quiet and was always within calling distance.”

Two-and-half-year-old Star was found to be severely malnourished and unable to balance. She was treated for an inner ear infection and toxoplasmosis, but she is now back at home.

Aaliyah added: “I cannot stress enough about the importance of microchipping an animal. If Star had not been chipped, then chances are that she may have been put to sleep due to the poor condition she was in when she was found.

“Luckily, she was found by an animal lover who stated that if Star had not been chipped or claimed then he and his partner would have been happy to take her on as their pet as they fell in love with her straightaway. Many unchipped animals may not be as lucky.”

Allan refused to accept the reward for saving Star and instead asked for it to be donated to to the RNLI.