Girl thanks staff who battled to save little brother

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A SOUTHWATER girl has paid thanks to staff at a London hospital who battled to save the life of her little brother who sadly died just weeks after he was born.

Baby Joseph Elisha Taylor spent just one week with his family before he was rushed to hospital in a life-threatening condition.

“He turned blue and wasn’t breathing properly,” mother Jo Taylor told the County Times earlier this year. “Every second of every day from then was agony.”

The new born arrived at Haywards Heath Hospital on Tuesday November 29, and was quickly transferred to The Evelina Children’s Hospital in London later that day.

Over the next five weeks the brave one-week-old boy’s survival depended on a rare life-support machine.

Joseph underwent six risky surgeries and was later transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

However, after weeks of battling with his poor health and unavoidable complications, the decision was made to switch off life support. Joseph died on Tuesday January 3 this year.

Earlier this month, five-year-old sister Izzy paid a visit to The Evelina Children’s Hospital dressed as an Easter bunny and handed out toys, books and Easter eggs to staff and families.

Jo said: “We left the hospital overwhelmed with grief but also full of gratitude for the unbelievable support they had given us as a family as well as Joseph.

“Since Joseph died Izzy has been very fearful of hospitals, so when we visited the Evelina for a bereavement meeting, the play specialist Jane, suggested we bought her to come and visit so they could help her to see that hospital can also be a positive experience.

“It was so important to me because the last few months have been hard for Izzy as a small child grieving the loss of her brother. It is vital for us as parents to give her positive experiences to help rebuild her confidence and to enable her to channel her feelings in a useful way.

“Izzy asked if she could bring some Easter treats with her when she visited for the children and our collection escalated from there!”

Jo added that she has been ‘overwhelmed’ by the response of all those who heard about the appeal.

“We have received about 400 eggs and counting! As well as books, toys, CDs and nappies. Its just another small way to show our gratitude for all they did for my son in his stay there before he died.”

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