GENERAL ELECTION 2015: Chichester candidates thanked for smear-free campaign

Chichester general election hustings 2015
Chichester general election hustings 2015

NEARBY election campaigns have led to accusations of ‘dirty tricks’ but has everything been fairly cordial in Chichester?

In the neighbouring Havant constituency, there has been a spat between candidates in recent weeks.

However, Chichester has been apparently free of similar controversy – a fact acknowledged by the candidates at a hustings at Chichester Cathedral.

“I would like to thank all the candidates, because we’ve had a very straightforward campaign,” said Conservative candidate Andrew Tyrie on May 6.

“As far as I’m aware we’ve not had any personal allegations or attacks that sometimes bedevil general elections and certainly seems to be the stuff of national politics from time to time.

“I’m very grateful for that, I think that’s helpful so everybody can focus on the issues.”

Mr Tyrie was addressing his fellow candidates Andrew Emerson of Patria, Mark Farwell of Labour, Andrew Moncreiff of UKIP, Jasper Richmond of the Green Party and Andrew Smith of the Liberal Democrats.