Gallery: the top ten takeaway places in Horsham

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Takeaway food is a way of life for many and the concept has been around for centuries.

But what are the favourite takeaway places in Horsham town?

Our gallery reveals the top ten establishments on Trip Advisor with customers providing comments such as ‘excellent for takeaway’, ‘authentic Chinese food’ and ‘pleasantly surprised’.

The history of takeaways goes back to ancient Greece and Rome where prepared food was sold at stalls by the roadside.

Hot meat pies were sold by vendors in medieval London while in the same period local delicacies were for sale in the streets across Europe.

However, some of the stalls weren’t always too honest about the state of the meat!

In the early 20th century fish and chips became established as a firm UK favourite.

And hamburgers were brought over from the USA.

As more people came from India and China to start a new life in Britain they began to influence tastes.

Queen Victoria became partial to a curry making the dishes became more fashionable.

And now the takeaway is factored into many people’s weekly eating habits.

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