Fundraising band hits all the right notes for charity

Jamie, Luke and Ian from Men at Risk
Jamie, Luke and Ian from Men at Risk

THREE men, who perform in a band to raise money for Cancer Research and Speakability charities, are on the lookout for more gigs.

Singers, Luke Osborne and Jamie Parkinson, and guitarist, Ian Chilvers, are all connected through their work at The Orchard’s Middle School, in Nelson Road, Worthing, and together they make up ‘Men at Risk’.

The band, which was set up in July 2012, perform for free and ask for donations to be made to their chosen charities instead of taking a fee.

Jamie said: “The feedback from our first gig was absolutely brilliant. The audience said it was great to have an entertaining evening as well as raising money. We do up to date tracks such as Olly Murs’ latest one all the way through to older tracks by groups such as the Bee Gees.”

So far the band has raised £1250 from two shows and they have a further two shows this month, including a Ruby wedding anniversary at the Fox Pub in Patching this weekend.

All three men have felt the impact of personal loss and struggle which motivates the project.

Jamie said: “I lost my father to cancer in 2008, and shortly after our pilot event Ian lost his father to cancer too.

“Luke’s grandfather had a stroke, and the subsequent support he has received from the charity Speakability gave us inspiration to support this charity in any way we could.

“I know as a group we are proud to be continuing the charity work that Ian’s father, Richard, had worked so hard on.”

Jamie said the group would appreciate any support from potential sponsors able to supply equipment or support them for future shows.

He added the group would be doing a big show in February but a date is yet to be confirmed.

For more information contact or search ‘Men At Risk’ on Facebook.