Fundraiser takes on ‘iconic’ challenge

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A charity worker and fundraising fanatic said she is excited to take on her ‘most iconic’ challenge yet - the London Marathon.

Sophie Peckham, 30, is a corporate fundraiser for Age UK and has worked for charities for most of her adult life, leading her to take on several fundraising quests.

Next, the Three Bridges resident will run the London Marathon for Age UK on Sunday (April 21).

Sophie said she is more excited by this challenge than by others she has tackled.

She said: “I’ve done various different things, like 10k runs and breast cancer walks and I did the Brighton marathon in 2011. I think the London Marathon’s a bit different to the others because it’s got the prestige to it.

“It’s a goal one for people that do marathons, most people around the world want to do that one because it’s so iconic.

“I’m very scared but very excited.”

Sophie has previously worked at Teenage Cancer Trust and Breast Cancer UK.

She said: “I chose to work for charities because it’s nice to know in your every day life you’re helping other people, you get to make a difference every day.

“It’s nice to know you’re helping someone rather than just making your boss rich.”

Sophie has been running regularly since last summer after experiencing the pain or running a marathon without any prior training.

She explained: “I didn’t train for the Brighton Marathon. It was horrible, it was 20 something degrees and horrendous. I had to walk most of it.

“My aim is to run this one in a decent time.”

All the money Sophie raises will go towards Age UK and YouthNet’s new inter-generational project which aims to stop the older generations from getting cut-off from the world.

Sophie explained: “It’s quite innovative. We are trying to get young people to work with older people to help them with using the internet as it is so important to get on with life nowadays.

“It can be used to help communicate with people which is important because the elderly can become very isolated.”

To donate to Sophie’s cause visit and type Sophie’s name into the search bar.