A fun way for families to enjoy the beautiful South Downs National Park

My children are used to viewing the passing countryside through the car window as we whizz from place to place during the busy school and working week.

Tuesday, 30th July 2013, 5:21 pm
Enjoy a family day out on the Breeze Bus from Brighton Pier to Devil's Dyke

Now the holidays have arrived, and it seemed like a perfect time to get out, enjoy the sunshine and explore the beauitful Downs which lie so close to home.

I siezed inspiration from the campaign launched by the South Downs National Park authority - ‘Discover Another Way’ - and planned a fun day out for my family on the Breeze Bus.

Catching the number 77 open top bus, we were able to make the journey part of the adventure. The circular route takes in Brighton Pier, the shopping centres and Devil’s Dyke, with the amazing views opening up all around from our prime position on the open top deck.

My kids weren’t the only youngsters whooping with excitement as we wound our way along the roads - the breeze bus is certainly well named, but the wind as we rushed along was a perfect way to cool combat the hot and humid afternoon.

My four-year-old decided to count all the other buses we passed on the route. At Devil’s Dyke they raced about, taking in the stunning views and hiding in the long grasses and wild flowers. It proved a perfect way to share family time together, and wear the tiny tots out!

For those who enjoy a longer walk, there are a number of routes available from the dyke, taking in Poynings, Upper Beeding or Patcham. Bus passengers can also get discounts at the Shepherd and Dog Pub in Fulking and the Hiker’s Rest at Saddlescombe.

For us, it was time to jump on the Breeze Bus to Brighton Pier, where fairground rides, flashing arcade machines and fish and chips were waiting.

Later on, I asked the kids whether they’d enjoyed our day out, and which part they had liked best - ‘the bus ride’ was the answer from them both!