Fun lesson cooks up delicious way to learn Spanish

Adult students enjoy learning  how to make paella at Collyer's
Adult students enjoy learning how to make paella at Collyer's

Advanced level Spanish Adult Education students at Collyer’s swapped the classroom for the kitchen during the last Thursday session of their 30 weeks course for a hands-on experience with guest chef Javier Asensio and teacher Milagros Herguedas making some delicious paella.

Spanish teacher Milagros Herguedas explained: “There really is nothing more traditional than a paella, so we decided it would be a good idea to get cooking! Learning Spanish or any foreign language is not only about the language, but learning about the culture and traditions. Paella is certainly a unique Spanish tradition.”

Vice Principal Steve Nicholls said: “What a creative way to learn about Spanish culture! I must make sure I’m invited along if Milagros runs this particular practical exercise next year. Or maybe I could pick up Advanced Spanish as a student in the evenings?!”

Milagros was delighted with the results: “It was an extremely fun part of the lesson and I was really pleased with how the students really threw themselves into it. After an excellent team effort, they produced tasty paella, definitely fit to grace any Spanish dinner table!”

We had a master lesson on how to cook a traditional paella from our special guest, the talented Javier Asensio, who kindly shared his mouth-watering family recipe.

Javier said: “This particular rice dish was historically made by people from poorer Spanish backgrounds; making the most of what was available to them: rice, rabbit and seasonal vegetables. These days chicken and seafood paellas are popular variations.”

Assistant Principal Melanie Russell said: “Huge thanks to Javier and Milagros for cooking up this great opportunity for our students to learn about Spanish culture! This really was a tasty treat for everyone!”