Friends skydive to raise money for worthy causes

Shimano Bagley, Jamie Gunn and Sophie Murray
Shimano Bagley, Jamie Gunn and Sophie Murray

THREE friends jumped out of a plane from 12,000ft to raise money for charity on Saturday.

Sophie Murray, 20, of Dominion Road, Worthing, Shimano Bagley, 20, of Congreve Road, Worthing, and Jamie Gunn, 20, of Boundstone Lane, Lancing, travelled to GoSkydive in Reading for their jumps.

Sophie arranged to do the jump in memory of her sister, Luana, who died from meningitis in 2007, aged just ten-months old.

Jamie and Sophie raised a total of £1,203 for Meningitis Now, while Shimona raised around £500 for Great Ormond Street.

“It was quite scary,” said Sophie. “I hadn’t even been in a plane before. The flying bit didn’t really bother me but as soon as the door opened I thought what am I doing.

“I think waiting was the most nerve-wracking bit. It’s over so quickly, so it doesn’t feel like you’ve done much. I have always had a fear of boats and planes and stuff like that but ever since me and Shimona were at school we wanted to do a skydive.”

Since Luana died seven years ago, her family has been involved in fundraising for Meningitis Now, raising more than £12,000 following the skydive.

Sophie said people who apologised to her for donating an amount they did not perceive as being ‘a lot’ did not realise how much any contribution helps.

She added that £5 will pay for someone’s first call to the helpline and £50 funds two-hours research into new vaccines.

Donations can still be made up until August 12 by visiting and searching Sophie Murray.