Four-year-old Southwater boy bakes cookies for police officers

Cookies baked for Horsham police by Max, four
Cookies baked for Horsham police by Max, four

A four-year-old boy provided a sweet treat for police officers by baking cookies and delivering them to Horsham Police Station last week.

Carolyn Sullivan and son Max, of Southwater, gave the oaty biscuits to the officers on Wednesday February 18.

The random act of kindness came completely ‘out of the blue’, Carolyn, 32, explained.

She said: “The year before last we made cookies for the fire brigade in Horsham.

“We didn’t get around to doing it last year, but out of the blue Max turned around to me and said ‘can we make cookies for the policemen?’

“And when we pulled away from the police station he said ‘can we make them for the ambulance people?’”

The young baker gets his culinary enthusiasm from his parents, Carolyn added.

She said: “His dad is a chef so he does like getting involved with the cooking in the kitchen, and he always wants to come out and help me with the baking.

“We want to teach our children that it is nice to do things for others. We try to take some toys to charity.

“It was a sweet thing for him to do.”

Carolyn added that she and Max will eventually bake some supplies for paramedics.

Horsham Neighbourhood Policing Team thanked the mum and son for the biscuits, and insisted they were swiftly devoured.