Footwear fun raises money for hospital

W05041H14 'Boots are Made for Walking' event at St Andrew's High School
W05041H14 'Boots are Made for Walking' event at St Andrew's High School

CHILDREN turned up to school wearing an assortment of weird and wonderful footwear in support of Worthing Hospital.

Pupils at St Andrew’s High School, in Sackville Road, and Hawthorns First School, in Poplar Road, were encouraged to contribute £1 and wear boots of their choice in aid of Love Your Hospital and BabyBuddy charities.

Money raised will go towards helping special care babies by funding incubators and neonatal nests, as well as contributing towards a static caravan for BabyBuddy which will allow families to enjoy some holiday time together.

Victoria Purcell, senior deputy head teacher at St Andrew’s, said the school raised £400.26 on the day.

“We have got a close relationship with Worthing Hospital,” said Mrs Purcell.

“The boys are very conscious of local charities. They were very go-getting and didn’t hold back – a couple of boys were in snow boots and some were in high heels.

“The staff were fantastic, they came in various alternative shoes.”

The school has a long-standing relationship with the hospital, delivering presents to the elderly and children wards at Christmas and Easter eggs at Easter time.

Kathy Offer, head teacher of Hawthorns, said: “The children were very happy to take part and enjoyed wearing boots for the day.”

They raised £75.