Flood management scheme set for public consultation

Part of the waterfront along Shoreham Harbour, looking east S02712H12
Part of the waterfront along Shoreham Harbour, looking east S02712H12

FLOOD protection for Shoreham and Southwick needs to be improved, if the harbour regeneration proposals are to go ahead.

The draft flood risk management documents are currently being considered ahead of a four-week public consultation.

Pat Beresford, Adur cabinet member for regeneration, has been asked to approve the draft flood risk management guide and technical report for consultation before formal adoption by the council.

The study area extends from the Adur Estuary in Shoreham to the western end of Hove seafront and includes a five-kilometre stretch of waterfront.

The supplementary planning document (SPD) provides detailed guidance for developers. It will sit alongside the Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan (JAAP), which will identify sustainable proposals for Shoreham Harbour over a 15-year period.

Scott Marshall, Adur Council’s director for the economy, said: “Parts of the Shoreham Harbour Regeneration area are vulnerable to tidal flooding.

“Many waterfront sites identified in the JAAP for redevelopment to residential, employment and other uses will require a higher standard of flood protection than currently exists.”

He said the SPD will aid developers to demonstrate that their buildings are safe and that flood risk has not been increased elsewhere as a result of the development.

The aim will be, wherever possible, to reduce the flood risk overall as a result of any new development.

“The SPD will illustrate how flood defences and mitigation measures can be integrated to create not only distinctive, high-quality structures but also a high-quality public realm environment,” added Mr Marshall.

“Flood defences are by their very nature barriers which can physically divide and segregate one area from another.

“An important urban design goal for Shoreham Harbour is to promote permeability and linkages through and across sites and to ensure that new development is of a high design quality.”

Key elements of the scheme include plans for a new riverside walkway and cycle route at the Western Harbour Arm.

The report also looks at the impact that raising land would have on overall building heights and how a walled flood defence will impact on the relationship between land and the river.